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Artefact London

Founded by a female entrepreneur with passion for craftsmanship, simplicity & style. Artefact London made a seamless blend between sartorial mastership and advancements in technology to deliver high-quality tailoring experience, fast speed of execution at sensible prices. Reflecting a man’s spirit & temperament with endless style options & 1000s of fine cloths, making suits as a work of art.

London (Central)
For The Boys

Cad & The Dandy

Cad & The Dandy was founded in London in 2008 by Ian Meiers and James Sleater. Forward thinking and with an eye for fine craftsmanship, the pair have gone on to define themselves as the young, restless innovators of English Tailoring.

Aiming to provide the perfect suit for each individual, they are not averse to breaking traditional style rules when a client calls for it. The only unbreakable rule is that quality will not be compromised. The trademarks of a Cad & The Dandy suit are a beautifully proportioned silhouette created to accentuate a client’s best features. In essence, Cad & The Dandy are synonymous with good looking suits.

London (Central)