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Ben Walton Films

Over the past five years, I’ve developed my shooting style into what it is now. I pride myself in providing incredibly relaxed & unobtrusive wedding coverage, which transpires into beautiful, cinematic & engaging wedding films. I believe that the best footage is the most natural; so myself & my team try our very best to ensure that’s exactly what we capture.

France | Italy

Andrew Kelly Films

I shoot both Super 8 film & digital. It lets me create unmatched honesty, as film captures moments in the hazy way our memories present themselves. Unobtrusive and served with genuine nostalgia. My impulsive style has been helped by a trained eye as an art director for the last decade. UK, France, I’ll go wherever the wind blows to tell your story.

France | National

Gione da Silva Images

Hi, I am Gione da Silva, an enthusiastic and hopeful person! I believe everyone is special and unique and feel privileged to be in a position to get to know so many people and tell their stories. Artistry and technology are great, but are only the means by which we tell these stories. I believe that establishing real connections with people is what is important. Let’s connect! I would love to hear from you!

France | Italy | National

Jacob and Pauline Photography and Film

Hi! We’re Jacob and Pauline, a couple working together to capture stories of people in love around the world. Inspired by fashion photography and commercials, we photograph and film weddings in elegant, romantic and timeless style while respecting the flow of the wedding day and documenting it as it unfolds. We’re available across the UK, Europe and beyond.

France | National